Airstream buried.

We have long felt suspended in travel-limbo, kept busy and sane by the list-driven, last minute preparations to get out of winter and arrive somewhere before dark, where the water pipes and tanks of our Airstream won’t freeze. This process has given us great appreciation for NASA launches.

This is a good week to go, as rain and fog-thaws have worn the snow to shreds. There have been light veils of snowfall, and spells of exploratory flakes hovering and drifting, looking more like lost moths than snow, but the hope is that we’ll pull out before these few innocent flakes become another foot or two of trouble.Today, the driveway is almost clear of packed snow and ice and the silver ‘ePod’, (’e’ for escape) awaits, filled with our notions of what we’ll need for the next months of life on the road.

I’m sure friends and family think we’ve already gone around the bend with our delays, vague itinerary, and lame remarks about ‘going with the flow’, but already the flow is teaching us to be less attached to the past and more welcoming toward the unknown future. Finding Our Way: is our ePodlog about this process and what we may discover along the way. We’ll keep you posted.

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One Comment on “Travel-Limbo”

  1. Andrea Says:

    Hey you two! Terry and I have been eyeing some travel homes – we like the small sprinters made by Mercedes – a bit claustrophobic maybe, but one unit which I can drive, something important to me. Trailers are a dislexic’s nightmare.

    If you have reached the other edge of the country sometime between March 8th and March 22nd, please know that Jessie will be in SF for spring break. She plans to visit B & J, hopes to catch up with your son and his family as well as visit with some friends from her semester at St. Andrews and home. If you can connect with her, please give her a hug and a kiss for me, who misses her greatly.

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