Weather Bingo

Our weather-watch feels like playing bingo. At the bottom of my monitor there are three windows set for Fly Creek, NY, Harrisburg, PA, and Williamsburg, VA.  We refresh them every few hours, hoping to discern a safe path from here to there, the objective: to not be driving in wet, freezing conditions, and to pull into a campground where the water lines won’t be frozen. Williamsburg is a sure thing, but getting there in one day could be grueling, especially with wet, freezing on the way.

Meanwhile, the kitchen counter reminds me of a departure gate of a delayed flight. Kitchen utensils, juicer, water distiller, and other daily-use things are now lined up, ready, segregated from what stays home, yet nothing further can be loaded in the ePod until we’re really leaving.

I’d held out a couple extra pet vitamins for Sprocket when I packed their jar with his dog stuff in the ePod. This morning, I gave him the last one, the one I’d envisioned giving him as we dashed in and out, minutes ticking down, an hour away from pulling out of the drive. Sigh. Today wasn’t the day. 

If you envision it, it will come. Just don’t ask when.

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2 Comments on “Weather Bingo”

  1. Skye Says:

    Actually, it’s spelled “B Y N G O”.

    – Skye

  2. Lena Says:

    Ah, Skye-chyld, you clever mynx!(our two-year-old grand-daughter, and one of the objectives of this journey) Please respond if you read this, as I’m just learning how to respond to comments and am not sure it’s working.

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