Short lists and Snow Days

Schools were let out early today in neighboring areas. Not a good sign. Tomorrow is going to be a serious snow and ice day. Once again, when the snowfall finally ends, Bruce will dig out the driveway to ready our escape ramp up the driveway. We’re beginning to relax more and not chafe at the wait. We’d hoped to head south yesterday but conditions didn’t look good. They weren’t. A massive pile-up occurred on the route we would have taken.

Meanwhile, there are the little extras we can work through. Sprocket got his rabies shot today, so we won’t have hunt down a vet on the road as we’d originally planned when his past shot expires in March. He’s been looking a bit like road-kill this evening.

Tonight we ran out of salad greens, and neatly enough, salad dressing: a nice way to empty the fridge. I made a double batch of great muffins from ‘The Junk Food Alternative’. Two muffins provide the protein equivalent of a tuna sandwich! They used to keep us going at trade shows, when lines to food concessions were long and the food wasn’t worth the wait. They’re the closest thing to the magical journey food mentioned in the Lord of the Rings, and will help us stay away from junk-food at rest stops.

We wouldn’t have had these if we’d left yesterday: a lesson in going with the flow.

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One Comment on “Short lists and Snow Days”

  1. ellen Says:

    Happy Valentines Day! Tomorrow looks like a good traveling day from the Northeast perspective. Eli doesn’t have school, and he is very happy. Thank you for including me in your blog. how do you set up a blog? bye for now Ellen

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