Launch Postponed


Well we made it! And we didn’t. That is to say, Bruce scraped and scraped the vitreous driveway down to rough surface and then struggled to get the hitch matched up and locked. This is usually a piece of cake, but this morning, it was anything but: taking forever. I was mopping up winter footprints in the ePod before replacing its carpet and felt every attempt he made! At last, at 1:30, he smoothly pulled the ePod up and out of the driveway to our parking area up by the road!

Unfortunately, there were still other things yet to be done, like draining and blowing out the pipes in the house. There’d be no way to get to Harrisburg, PA before dark. Parking a rig is tricky at night in an unfamiliar campsite. The prospect of scrubbing the launch really tested the whole Finding Our Way attitude, because by now, we were both tired and a mite testy. This computer was already stashed in the truck, medical devices relocated to the epod, and every last scrap of food was fitted like a Chinese puzzle into the little Dometic fridge. It felt personal, postponing.

Then we relaxed. Ice happens! It is what it is. Nothing personal. Fortunately, tomorrow’s weather will be manageable, and if we start early, we might get to make it all the way to Williamsburg. Must remember to retrieve our sleeping pillows from the ePod before dark. Sigh. At least we’re out of the driveway.

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One Comment on “Launch Postponed”

  1. Diane Gallo Says:

    Well, congratulations. I was wondering if you two got out of the driveway yet and cut short an e-mail to check the blog. Oh, what a saga. Instead of singing “On the Road Again,’ I was envsioning a song something like ‘In the Drive Again.’ Perhaps you can start a new subculture for Airstreamers on the line of Driveway Lifestyle … Oh it isn’t fair to tease but gosh, if you can’t tease your friends, who can you tease? Sounds like you’re ready to rock tomorrow. Bon Bon voyage. Diane & Joe

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