At Last!


On the road at last! Honest! We really did it! We broke the surly bonds of Fly Creek winter and made it to, well, snow-covered Lickdale, PA. Sprocket thinks it’s a marvelous name. Lots of curious Pennsylvania Dutch names here, being in Amish country.

We rose early, stumbling through pre-launch routine again, but this time culminating in draining the house of all its fluids. By the time we pulled out onto the main road, we were simply numb. Perhaps crowds of mice and deer cheered at the successful lift-off, but we were past triumph, focused on getting the feel for the road once again.

We definitely got the feel. I-81 had long stretches of bumpity concrete slabs, interspersed with smooth stretches: lovely, until the slabs resumed. Thoughts of what sort of load-shift mischief could be happening in the ePod made us cringe. The passing scene was dull- overcast with gray woods and lingering snows: nothing noteworthy until the highway cut through mountains, revealing stone strata in clay-green, terra cotta, gray and burgundy. Their layers buckled, rose and fell, here and glazed by frozen seeps frozen to white or faint copper-green. We kept ourselves awake with high-protein muffins and old-time radio dramas until Lickdale. Load shift not too bad. Feels good to be snug, and stationary in our little ePod!

We’re knackered! Bruce is sipping merlot and I’m into my second goblet of apple-juice. If we’re still awake at 9:00, it will be a surprise.

A Brucer P.S.

This campground isn’t much to write home or anywhere else about, but it’s clean, nice people, and it’s perfect for an overnight for a couple of weary travelers. It’s advertised as being 1,000 yards off I-81, which is about right. You will notice the neon glow in the background of the photo.

Most of the Amish adventures are closed for the winter, so we’re off to Williamsburg in the morning. Night, night.

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6 Comments on “At Last!”

  1. Jim & Barbara Bigelow Says:

    Bruce and Lena thanks for the preparation insight and your first night out on the road to California. We are leaving Belmont in the morning and going to Fort Bragg and Mendicino for the Washington’s Birthday weekend and will be back in Belmont on Monday evening in time to bowl in our Monday Night Mixups League. Everything out this way is very green with all the rain and snow in the mountains. We will check in on Monday and see how it is going.

  2. Marion Says:

    Congratulations! You’re well on your way to many new experiences that the rest of us can only imagine! I wish you well, my friends and I look forward to staying in touch through this wonderful blog! Nice job you two. Enjoy each other, Sprocket, your journeys, and all the wonderful things this Country and people have to offer! Peace and Love, Marion

  3. Quinn Guyot Says:

    Yeah!!! I’m glad you’re finally on the road, and I can’t wait to meet you!

  4. Andree Says:

    Hi Bruce and Lena
    You made it, bravo, hurrah , yuppee yahoo I am so proud of you and so happy for you, i enjoyed your blog what a great way to follow you on your adventure. Two friends from Montreal are coming to visit tuesday they are on their way to Florida by car and then are flying to Guadalupe for a couple of weeks. Safe travels ….

    Love Andree

  5. findingourway Says:

    Thanks for your good wishes, all! There are many lovely people on the road: friends we just haven’t met yet, but old friends: ah, they are precious and much missed.

  6. Mona Morrison Says:

    Hey Lena, Bruce and Sprocket,

    Im’ g;ad you are on the road afer all the little nuiances that seemed to block your course. Thank you for bringing us all along with you through the beautiful pictures and your writings. You make me feel as thhough I am there withyou as I see in mund’s eye all the beautiful descriptions of your treks. Willamsbuig and Yorktown bring home tous the sorrows, battles and joys of those gone before us to settle this country. It is so wonderful that one can share so much across the many miles that separaate us.

    Sorry you missed the Amish, but hopefully you can revisit that on your return trip.

    Hope this day ,Friday 12-22-08 was another great day for you. Please remember to pace yourself and allow time for your needs including plenty of rest.



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