Monday Misdirection


Again, we slept late! Perhaps it was the sound of intermittent rain in the night. At one point it sounded like a carwash: nice, as our rig was pretty road-grimy, and the campground forbids rigwashing.

We drove to Williamsburg, checked on tickets, and decided to tour there with a whole Tuesday rather than half a Monday. Tuesday also promised better weather. We checked out the visitor’s center gift-shop: nicely done with handsome historic toys, and gifts that didn’t scream ‘souvenir!’ (some did scream Skye & Quinn, but that’s another story), and a glorious bookshop with comfy leather chairs and historical titles you’ll never find in the book chains. When we came out, the sun had begun to emerge, so we went to the Williamsburg Marketplace, a separate complex of shops and eateries, popping in and out of establishments into the warm sunshine, enjoying a good lunch, and lingering awhile in an upstairs gallery of fine representational art and sculpture.

We’d started back to the ePod and Sprockie, when we misunderstood Eunice R. Garmin, and ended up headed for Yorktown instead of “home”. Going with the flow, we visited the National Park site of the battle of Yorktown, with its amazing, grassy earthwork redouts, ancient trees, and splendid little museum with a 16-minute film on Yorktown’s historical significance. On our way out of the exhibit building, there, just to the right was our first blooming magnolia tree sporting a single blossom just for us.

Afterward, we ventured into the, mostly authentic, village of Yorktown and walked along the beach-skirted Riverwalk along the York river at sunset, enjoying the fine spring air. Thanks Eunice!

We returned to a happy, welcoming Sprocket, and the sweet sound of Spring peepers!

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