Tall, long-needled pines and a tulip tree peer into our skylights and an occasional bird, sings its Spring song, welcoming us to the South. No snow, no ice. Boots are seasonal history, stashed in the truck.

We’re settled in Williamsburg for five days. This will give us a chance to establish the on-board household routine, the choreography of two people occupying a tiny space, the shifting of counter space from drying dishes, to water distiller, to food prep. It’s a new, spatial language: not difficult, really, but just like being in another country with another language, it’s mental work, until it’s a smooth routine.

We slept very late, and then went to the Williamsburg Pottery today, expecting an historical, cultural-tourism sort of collection of shops. It turned out to be acres and acres of warehouse-like buildings filled with pallets and shelves of imports mostly, and definitely all seconds.  It was like your average dollar store to the tenth power, but with high-priced items as well. In the midst of all this ‘stuff’ was a room full of gourmet foods, a wine room, a cheese area, and the most complete collection of boxed, herbal tea-bag teas: name your favorite brand; it was there! Plus flavors that I hadn’t even known they made. Aisles and aisles of sauces, dressings, pastas, juices, waters, seltzers, oatmeals, rices, and some very neat kitchen gear and gadgets. Who would have thought?

There’s supposed to be warm rain tomorrow, but Colonial Williamsburg, the historical, cultural-tourism experience, awaits us. Maybe we’ll get it right this time.

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4 Comments on “Williamsburg”

  1. Sloan Says:

    Hi Guys!

    I am so happy for you to be on the road. I hope you soak up tons of sun.

    Big hugs,

  2. Barbara Bigelow Says:

    Love the updates each day – such a nice “get-a-way” from work to just enter “finding” and reading about your great adventures and very jealous. Particularly of Williamsburg – it was one of my personal favorite trips with all the history. Jim said we could go back someday when I wined about you being there for five days…..

    We did enjoy our Mendocino weekend – lots of walking, eating and relaxiing and some window shopping. Oh, Jim and I were wondering how you are rationing your “shopping” along the way as to space limitations you may have – or are you mailing things from every stop?!

    So happy for you two…you so deserve to take such a great journey.

    Love Barb

  3. findingourway Says:

    Glad Jim thinks you should go back there! I think they continue to improve the site and the interpreters are delightful: each experience will be based on the questions you ask, so be thinking up some for the future.

  4. findingourway Says:

    As for shopping, limited space is a good incentive to not shop, except for food. We’ll probably accumulate some things along the way,(who can resist stuff for the grand-kids?) but it feels like we have just about everything we need (yes, this is Léna speaking) We had to ship out our veggie steamer, as the control panel wasn’t working right, and at some point its replacement will arrive in Livingston, TX to wait for a forwardable address from us. It was a crucial tool in our meal planning scheme. sigh. Travelling spontaneously has one disadvantage: we never quite know where we’re going to be, when.

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