Wright Sister

After yesterday’s adventure, today was quiet. Just hung out in the Airstream doing chores and getting ready for our next move.Part of the day reached 60 degrees before the strong thunderstorms moved in about 3 and dropped the temperatures about twenty degrees.wright-sister1.jpgHowever, we did get a chance to visit our beach, just over the dune, where Léna tested the Wright Brothers theories of flight.A post script from Léna:We did some beach-combing today, walking two big kites and one small dog. No tumbled stones here, like in New England, but what I’d call ‘shell-stones’: lovely, thick shell-shards which have tumbled into smooth stone-like forms that would make great playing pieces for a game.This is a housekeeping day: packing, laundering, re-organizing the back of the truck, vacuuming the ePod, all accompanied by a very large crock-pot of onions, celery, chives, carrots, sweet potatoes, chicken thighs, and zuchini, which will feed us handsomely for three days and save me some chef-work.Glad we did the beach this a.m., because a fierce and almost horizontal rainy front blew in, soaking us through when we dashed from the truck to the ePod after loading the laundry. It was really shaking our little aluminum shelter and despite its drumming, we could hear a much louder surf, sounding like the breathing of a great dragon. (That thought came from the undulations of the long kite when we reeled it in.) The ePod was cosy, though, with delicious aromas wafting from the crock-pot. Now, we’re searching for an open campground for tomorrow night. It’s still early enough in the season, so this isn’t always easy.

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One Comment on “Wright Sister”

  1. Diane Gallo Says:

    Go fly a kite! Thank you for including your chores and meals. I felt all hunkered down and snug with you and the sound of the rain and the roar of the sea. Love, D.

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