A Taste of Home, a Taste of ePod: eating on the road

A Taste of Home, a Taste of ePod: eating on the road

During yesterday’s sorting in the truck, Bruce retrieved my stash of the wonderful granola we got from Cooperstown Natural Foods before leaving home. Not too sweet, lovely with yogurt: a good breakfast, with some fruit, that can keep us going into the day. A good thing, as we’ll be meandering along the coast with the ePod in tow, which makes pulling in somewhere at lunchtime a matter of chance.

On the way to Hatteras, we saw a promising diner that looked like the ePod’s grandmmother, but the ‘RV parking’ out back was an impressive collection of sandy, wet potholes, so we had to pass. All the cute coastal eateries that teem with people in the spring, have signs ‘See you in March’, so we’ll pack some sandwiches as we did for Ocracoke, and park at a rest-stop or shopping center somewhere.

Meanwhile, the sun’s out, it’s warmer than we expected, and the mockingbird, who’s been practicing his delightful repertory for the last three days, is perched on his favorite wire over the summer bath-house, adding another unforgettable detail to our Hatteras memories.

A P.S. from Brucer:

We decided not to stay in Hatteras until they finished repairing the Ocracoke bridges, so we packed up, hitched up, and headed out about 10:30 this morning. On our way north along Route 12, we passed a dozen or so dump trucks filled with asphalt headed the other way–to Orcacoke.

We have to make a couple-of-hundred mile loop around Pamlico Sound before we can get back on our trek south. At Kitty Hawk we turned west and, after a quick visit to Fort Raleigh National Historic Site on Roanoke Island, we passed through an interesting agricultural area with miles and miles of cotton fields with large cotton gins. No cotton at this time of year, but fields of what we guessed to be winter wheat or rye, acres and acres of lush velvety green in an otherwise brown landscape.

Tonight we are inland at Twin Lakes in Chocowinity, a strange campground which bills itself as a resort and yacht basin. RVers park their trailers and boats here year round. It’s a forest of pines and white boxes–nearly all unoccupied. It’s a chilly RV ghost town with a sky full of stars. We’ll be out of here in the morning headed south to Surf City (we think).

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3 Comments on “A Taste of Home, a Taste of ePod: eating on the road”

  1. sherry Says:

    It is almost like being with you. I would love to have been at Hattaras with you to see the lighthouse. I have painted it about three times so it would have been great to be there in person. What a great experience, an RV ghost town. I think there is a book or at least a story there. Love to you both.

  2. Diane Says:

    Ooh! I love the food talk and also the Brucer P.S. Truly in tandem. And thanks for the green green grass. We have about eight inches of white down and it’s beautiful but …

    Love, Diane

  3. Sloan Says:

    Hi Guys,

    I am so happy you are where you are. In Surf City it is 2-1. Josh and I are wrapping up the business end of the Hong Kong trip today. We are going to spend the weekend shopping for fabric and seeing the world’s largest seated Buddha on Lantau island. Fun!

    Talk to you soon,

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