Airstream Serendipity


This was a fun day. It didn’t start out that way, with a frozen hose (again), and an arthritis flare-up that made any activity hurt, exacerbated by the very bumpy roads of yesterday. Fortunately, we didn’t have as long a distance to travel today, and the scenery was a bit more varied.

We pulled into Lanier’s Campground in Surf City, NC at about 4:00. While Bruce was checking in at the office, a woman came over to my window and gestured I crank the window down. After a moment’s hesitation (I was hungry, hurting, and enjoying the simple peace of being stationary) I opened the door and she said, “We’re here in an Airstream too? What year is yours?”

Well! You must understand something about Airstreamers: we are all members of a club, of sorts, based on our happy affection for Airstreams and being vastly outnumbered by the white boxes. No, we don’t have a secret handshake, yet, but there’s a light in the eye that we recognize in one another, which could be the aluminum glare, but I think it feels like delight.

Virginia’s partner, Nancy, joined her as I climbed out of the truck, unlocked the Airstream and welcomed them in for the quick tour. Theirs is a 32’ Classic, and ours, being an International CCD, was interesting to them because it’s aluminum inside as well as out, it’s quite modern with its simple interior fittings, and has all the little design tweaks we’ve added.

They accompanied me to the registration office, met Bruce, and asked the lady there to put us somewhere near them, which turned out to be a great spot right on the intra-coastal waterway. After going our separate ways for dinner, we asked them over around 7:30 and had a pleasant evening, swapping life-stories, what brought us to this point of our lives (we’re contemporaries, read ‘old’), and where we planned to go from here, literally and figuratively. Airstream life, at its best.

All this was a complete fluke, originally we tried to book another campground, but they didn’t answer their phone. Airstream serendipity.

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