Combing Topsail Beach


We strolled the shore of North Topsail Beach today, on the ocean side. Instead of shell stones, there were thin shell fragments and luminous smooth stones that looked like captured fog or smoke. They seemed to be our pick of the day: several pounds worth.

The beach is the ocean’s flea market. We stroll along, letting particular shapes or colors entice our eyes. One rather clumsy shell had somehow stood itself up, as if to say ‘Pick me!’, so out of compassion or sentiment, we did. Cost is still a consideration, but it’s the cost of space and weight: not of money.

Walking, stooping, listening to the rhythm of waves, which stroked our mainland, inland nerves to oceanic smoothness, sun shining to temper the 54º breeze, we moved simply into the moment and let our minds rest. As we slowed down, Sprocket sped up, following his sensitive nose into footprints and dog-marked stairs, or winding across our paths with his leash cord, much to the detriment of Bruce’s picture taking.

A P.S. from Brucer:

Yesterday’s photo (below) looks across the Intracoastal Waterway toward Surf City on the horizon. We do have a nice spot in the campground view-wise, but this is the view from the same spot when I turned 180 degrees. We are tightly packed between two parked white boxes that look like they’ve been here forever.  Just like our last stop, the place is a ghost town.


Today we explored a beautiful beach in North Topsail Beach, and tomorrow we plan to explore the southern end of the island. It’s an entirely a built-up vacation mecca with a wide range of architecture-on-stilts and typical beach stores, resorts, and restaurants, all closed.

It’s really quite enjoyable living out-of-sync with the rest of the world–a bit chilly, but nice.

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One Comment on “Combing Topsail Beach”

  1. Barbara Bigelow Says:

    Another Surf City – The CIty of Huntington Beach sued Santa Cruz for the use of the name claiming that they were the original “Surf City” – they won and now Santa Cruz cannot use the name – which they had also used for years….oh, well. Am reading your news daily if I can at work – Jim had trouble at home as each time I asked to have it printed out so I could read it – the entire story was printed again from the very beginning! That wasn’t too much of a problem – but it is becoming more so as your wonderful story gets longer and longer….

    Love the Wright Brothers – Jim has “High Flight” on a plaque on his wall – but will see if he remembers the story of the poet. – Thanks for taking the time to bring everyone along on the trip with you. – Love, Barb

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