Sweet Spring

“Everything that’s Spring is out there.” Bruce said as he came in from walking Sprocket. What a beautiful morning. That first taste of Spring with the delicious air warming in the morning sunlight, birds singing, and live oaks and sweet gum tree buds swelling. The morning light revealed the entirety of this campground and it’s quite impressive, neat and clean. It’s surrounded by highways and a railroad, but they have used screening well and the distant rumble and whistle of the trains is actually pleasant.Today we went into historic Charleston, to tour, to savor spring, and find the City Market. The Market runs for several blocks displaying a mix of the typical touristy gifts, but scattered throughout are a dozen or so sweetgrass basket weavers. We found a small, perfect example of South Carolina sweetgrass basketry that Albertha Ford had just completed. There she was, sitting just outside the Market building with her baskets spread out on a cloth on the sidewalk and her sweetgrass, bull rushes, pine needles, and Palmento leaves at her side. With just the handle of an old metal spoon and the skills her fingers have learned from many past generations going back to Africa, she creates these wonderful forms. Coming in on Rt.17 in Mount Pleasant yesterday, we saw dozens of weathered wood stalls along its grassy verge where the weavers sell their baskets. Too dangerous to stop with the Airstream in tow, but many of their neighbors and relatives had come to the Market today.


In addition to the Market, we drove to the end of the peninsula, to White Point Gardens in the Battery area, overlooking Charleston Harbor and Fort Sumter. The park is home to dozens of the most beautiful live oaks we’ve ever seen–all lovingly pruned, and very old.


On the bummer side of things, Bruce’s Canon S2IS has died. The lens will neither advance nor retract, and googling has revealed hundreds of people with this problem, the dreaded ‘E18 Error’ message, so our first stop this morning was a Ritz Camera store. Not encouraging. A couple of weeks and a couple of hundred bucks for the fix! The clerk helping us was honest enough to tell us the consumer-level digital cameras were only designed to last a couple of years. We’re going on five, so I guess we’re overdue. Looks like a new camera is in our future.

Tonight was Oprah’s first internet class on the book ‘A New Earth’. The download via our Verizon EVDO card was very intermittent so we quit, but we can download it via iTunes tomorrow. What we did hear was tantalizing and exciting, so we’ll see tomorrow.

A busy Monday on vacation!

Looks like a big storm blowing through tomorrow afternoon and dropping the temperatures to more normal levels, so we’ll plan our day in the morning. Would very much like to spend more time in Charleston!

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