Waiting Out the Front

High winds and storms are predicted for later and the winds are already convincing. We’re hanging out today: resting, answering email, and maybe before the rains come, packing away the winter stuff that flows like a tide from the bed (day) to the sofa (night). With the usual perversity of weather, this will probably bring on a cold front, but in our limited space, a claustrophobic front could arrive first if we don’t commit to Spring.

Tomorrow we’ll head for Savannah, to a municipal campground on Tybee Island on the coast of Georgia. Sounds good, except for dogs not being permitted on the beach. Sorry Sprockie. Judging by the hearth-rug and road-kill yoga positions he’s doing today, he’s still worn out from the Topsail beaches, and won’t mind some quiet time.

Last night we got some local shrimp, stir-fried it with red peppers, Vidalia onions and herbs, and then served it over spinach-cheese tortellini on a bed of spinach. Plenty left over for tonight, so the livin’ is easy. Maybe just grate some Parmesan or Asiago over it all for a change. Before the rain comes, I think I’ll go out and gather a bagful of sweet gum pods (gum balls?). They might be nice with pinecones in a wreath and the ground is covered with them.


We repacked the truck and ePod as the heat and winds grew, and finished just as the rains came. The storm had been downgraded, but now hours later, we’re in a red box on the tornado-watch map for the first time in our lives, sitting in a tin twinkie in a campground of white boxes and very tall trees. Towering clouds seem motionless at a distance but a veritable carousel of nearer clouds are racing by, sweeping upward: very beautiful, but scary. They say tornadoes sound like trains coming, but we already have trains coming, so we’re a bit uneasy. I guess the tornado would be the one without the whistle. We’re prepared to go hunker in the truck if it comes to that. Now it’s dark, and occasional gusts shake the ePod. The watch is in effect until 2am. Freezing rain at home is beginning to sound good.

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One Comment on “Waiting Out the Front”

  1. Diane Says:

    Oooh! The picture is wonderfully terrible or terribly wonderful whichever comes first. A Tin Twinkie on a carousel doesn’t sound appetizing (but you dinner sure does!) – as does the danger and the train without the whistle – as a concept, of course, not as a fact. The drama, the fear, the dear huddled family snug and – we/they hope – safe. Toto! Toto! Where are you? Ooh! Here at home, the wind spit the ice against the windows and spoke to me all night. The rabbit stayed near. Looking forward to reports of brighter sky and safe journey through the night. Love, Diane

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