Taking a Chance

We got a late start leaving Tybee Island after packing up, hooking up, going to the dump station, and remembering we were supposed to turn the clocks ahead last night. Oh well, 12 noon is a nice round number. We managed to avoid a repeat of our arrival– having to go through downtown Savannah with Airstream in tow, and managed to find I-95 without too much trouble. For the first time we left with no idea where we’d spend the night. Found a nice state park listed on Amelia Island, but they don’t take reservations, so it’s first-come-first-served.

Lots of RVs headed north, as we flow against the tide southward. We may have finally arrived at our RV rite of passage: of dry-camping in a Walmart parking lot. Between Spring break and Spring training, camping spots may be in short supply, and our go-with-the flow approach, so delightful so far, could bring us new and exciting lessons from now until after Easter. Having dry-camped before, in sub-freezing weather, we’re not really facing anything awful, but hot showers are nice at the end of a day, plus water pumps and computers don’t run long on battery power–maybe solar panels someday.

Stopped at a very nice rest area on I-95 in Brunswick, GA with dedicated RV parking and a tourist information center for our picnic lunch. We called the Amelia campground and they were full, so on to plan B. A very helpful “information man” (a fellow RVer and Good Sam member) working at the center told us about a state park about 35 miles further south.

We took a chance, there was an opening, and now, we’re happily ensconced in Crooked River State Park in St. Marys, GA. It’s a gem of a state park on a crook in the Crooked River.





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One Comment on “Taking a Chance”

  1. Emma (Zeek) Aronow Says:

    Looks very relaxing….just the kinda place i can imagine myself someday amongest all the trees alongside a neat river or lake reading a book in the warm breeze!!! AHHH the thought of sending the kids out into the world someday and finally having some me time?? wow who could have imagined?? LOL I love reading about all your fun!

    Love always,

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