A Clear and Cleansing Day


Crooked River State Park: endless verticals of tall pines and oaks hold up a flawless sky. Shafts of sunlight cut diagonals of light across the accordion-folded saw palmettos below. Cardinals, jays, and blackbirds discuss territory without much rancor, and above it all, ravens, turkey vultures, and hawks cut unseen patterns, expanding our vision and calming our perspective.


We walked the 33 steps to the bath-house this chilly morning to find perfect shower-heads and abundant hot water, then shuttled back and forth with three loads of laundry, one load of delicates, and shabby-looking Maltese, looking more scruffy than fluffy, who was much in need of a bath. The little laundry sink by the washer looked great to us, but he wasn’t having it, and our four human hands barely contained what had become a feral piglet, soapy, maniacally strong, and shivering from the river breeze. It was a hasty job, but Sprocket came out of it dazzling white, smelling better, and self-satisfied, sleeping off the ordeal as we continued to re-organize the ePod to keep her ship-shape.

You’d never know this was an RV park if you closed your eyes. The birds and the rattle of the palmettos are the only sounds. Campers are quiet, peaceful folk: giving a thoughtful nod, a wave, and in passing, maybe a greeting. The lady who’d seen us struggling with the dog-washing earlier commented on how well he turned out, as she passed us on her bicycle with her husband, when we took a sunset stroll.

Time finally slowed down, after flying by all day. Daylight savings threw us off our already thrown-off sense of time, but then, a day of maintenance will do that. Much done, but nothing memorable to show for it, except clean clothes packed away neatly, a change of sheets which will feel smooth and inviting, some clean delicates, dripping in the shower, and an milk-weed soft Sprocket to cuddle as the temperature drops later tonight.

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