Crooked River to Cumberland Island

crooked-river-site.jpgCrooked River State Park has been a satisfying experience, from its long leaf pine and saw palmettos ecosystem, to its fine facilities and careful, spacious layout of sites. Added to that, we got to know our neighbors, Karen and Peter, presently from NC, who share the love of Airstreams, choosing a 28’ Safari after giving up their lifestyle of living aboard a sail boat for over a decade. We ‘toured’ each other’s rigs and had a great evening, swapping travel stories. Today we took a day trip to Cumberland Island, once the private paradise of the Carnegies and now a National Seashore. The only way there is by a twisting forty- minute ferry ride, along the St. Marys River, and when you get to the island you hoof it, no vehicles allowed on the island. We had to carry in our own food and water for the afternoon and carry out our trash on the return.cumberland-lena.jpgWe trekked over three miles through marine forest trails of spectacular live oaks and palmettos, stark desert-like sand dunes, sandy pastures with wild horses, and wide, pristine outer beaches at low tide in the bright sunlit 70-degree day. Every step led us through greater, more arresting natural beauty, so the distances seemed shorter, but our speed was much diminished by multiple photo stops.cumberland-horses.jpgOur only concern was getting back to catch the last ferry of the day. After a while, we asked each other “How many pictures of live-oaks and backlit Spanish moss is enough?” But we kept shooting, unable to resist. Near the end of the hike we passed through the most wonderful semi-primitive campsite under the live oaks, behind the dunes. What a camping experience that would be! When we hauled ourselves back to the building at the second dock to await our return ferry, we were delighted by the waiting rocking chairs on its porch. A true paradise!cumberland-boardwalk.jpgcumberland-beach.jpgTomorrow we leave our Crooked River and head south to Florida and Pine Island.

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One Comment on “Crooked River to Cumberland Island”

  1. Diane Gallo Says:

    Look how beautiful. I sure am glad you got a new camera, Bruce. The pictures are wonderful. Lena, you’re looking lovely in your straw hat on board the ship … I see again what you mean about nature’s blue and brown/beige color scheme. I love that you’re at these places without thousands of people. You really picked the right time to travel … all the postponements paid off. We just broke 40 degrees here. Keep up the good work. Love, Diane

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