Getting to Know Pine Island

We’re settling into “resort living”. If we had a couple of bikes (the three-speed kind with pedals, or maybe a giant tricycle) we’d fit right in (I’ve got the hair). We do have the dog which helps start conversations. “Cute dog, what kind is it, how long you stay’n, how long you been here, where’re you from, seen the otter in the lake?” Almost asked as a single question with only half-heard answers.

We explored Pine Island a bit today driving up its spine to the north end and returning. The main road ends without fanfare in the parking lot of a restaurant where you turn around. No ‘Dead End’ signs, just the parking lot.

The island has been kept primarily agricultural with miles of plant farms and nurseries growing exotic fruit and a variety of palm trees that have been grown here since the late 1800s. Quite a sight! Over the years people settled in three clusters, two at the ends of the island and a third in about the middle where the bridge connects from the mainland. They were formalized as Bokeelia to the north, Pine Island City in the middle, and St. James City at the south end, where we’re “resorting” and where Jim and Shirl live.

A little client work (internet access is great), a little rest in the mid-day heat (with AC), a good supper and the end of a lazy day. We’ll see Jim and Shirl tomorrow.

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