Island Fish’n

After breakfast we had a knock on the door. Jim and Shirl had biked up from their house and found us. Great seeing them again, it’s been too long. They brought a bottle of wine they’ve been saving forever–waiting for us to show up. It’s from the Happy Camper Vineyard in California and has an Airstream painting on the label–very cool. We’ll have to track down the Vineyard when we’re in CA.

We went to their house for lunch on the lanai, then out the door, down the walk, into the boat, wove trough the canals and out into the bay for some fish’n. The bay lies between Pine, Sanibel, Captiva, and Cayo Costa Islands and it’s gorgeous! Very shallow–runs from just a couple of feet in places to over twenty feet in others. It was a bit windier than usual which made for an exciting, sometimes wet, ride. Jim and Shirl were patient teachers and before long we were baiting our hooks with live shrimp, casting them overboard and hoping. No giants came aboard, but enough of legal-size for supper and some good fun.





Back at the dock, Jim cleaned the catch with quite an audience. Great Egrets, Brown Pelicans, a Wood Stork, a couple of Blue Herons, and, of course laughing gulls (that’s what they’re called) circling overhead–laughing. All fighting for position.


Shirl cooked up the day’s catch along with some great beans and rice. After the day’s exercise, fresh air and sunshine, and some cool libations, we all seemed to run out of steam at the same time and called it a night. What a great day–one we’d looked forward to for years.

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