Drive-In Flea Market



Jim and Shirl picked us up at the ePod at 8:00 a.m. just after Brucer walked Sprocket and watched the sunrise. We stopped for a good breakfast at Panera Bread, then headed for the famous ‘North Fort Meyers Flea Market’. It’s on the grounds of a long-defunct drive-in movie theater, but the old screen and projection house/snack bar still exist. Jim and Shirl go often for the great produce stalls and the irresistible bargains to be found. Time is short for the drive-in-flea-market as a tradition; the property will become an auto dealership next year and the market will be moving. I met a bead dealer who does the famous Wellfleet Drive-in Flea Market on Cape Cod in the summer, and imagined him trucking all his treasures north, following
the snowbirds home. Must see that one someday, before it disappears as well.




Old banquet tables, blankets, and old doors bore iron skillets, lamps, tools, books, knock-off designer bags, cutlery, herbs, dolls, hardware, instruments, and imports. Some dealers placed rows and rows of cartons on the ground, each filled with pot-scrubbers, flashlights, wind-chimes, and a great deal of etc.. Dealers sat in the shade of their trucks and vans talking with their neighbors and trying to keep cool.

I bought a ridiculous teakettle, minus its whistle, for a dollar. It was the perfect souvenir of the drive-in era, and representative of tacky flea markettea-pot.jpg discoveries everywhere. It ‘cleaned up real nice’ and sits proudly on our stovetop.Home by early afternoon, we got some work done, filled a propane tank, and went to Jim and Shirl’s house for delicious, just-caught steamed shrimp, corn on the cob, ice cream with cookies made by Jim’s dad, and a game of Oh Hell! I promised not to disclose the winner or the quality of play, but I can say that Jim, Bruce, and I didn’t lose.(Bruce added this comment in his edit)

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2 Comments on “Drive-In Flea Market”

  1. Diane Gallo Says:

    loved the movies screen snack house. like a sail on land. the pot was worth a buck just for the photo. sculptural. love, diane

  2. Mona Morrison Says:

    Hi Lena, Bruce, Sprocket

    Looks like you are haveing a wonderful trip. I am so happy for you. An email from jimjax said ya’ll missed one another by about an hour. sorry about that.

    I’mglad you were able visit with old friends and have a wonderful time.

    I love that little teapot. Sure to be worth a dollar.

    The photos are beautiful. How about that eagle’s nest. Quite a site to see.

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