bridge.jpgYes, Matlacha (pronounced, ‘Mat-la-shay’). It’s a very small community clustered at the bridge to Pine Island. Originally small concrete block buildings housing fishing-related businesses, it has become a painted village of tourist facilities and art galleries with names like Wildchild, Paisley Parrot, Elena’s, and Seaweed Gallery. It’s a Benjamin Moore nightmare, but great fun to look at and housing some good galleries. Some border on canals where the gallery space flows from the colorful roadside entrance, through the interior galleries to the exterior galleries right down to decks cantilevered over the canal. With the exception of the plants and shell fill, nothing goes unpainted. It’s 1968 all over again.galleries1.jpggalleries3.jpg galleries4.jpggalleries2.jpgAfter our exploration of the arts we returned to the “Resort” and got a call from Jim to meet them at ‘Woody’s’. Woody’s, it turns out is a bar/bar sitting right on a canal with outside tables, a boat dock for floating drinkers, live music from a lone amplified guitar belting out 60s favorites, and a happy hour with $4 pitchers of beer. It had been a showery day and we got rained on a bit, but as soon as the beer was gone, the sun came out for a beautiful set.On the way back to Jim and Shirl’s, they by bike, us following by truck, they stopped us along the road. Shirl had spotted a pair of bald eagles nesting at the top of a very tall pine. Something else we had never seen and a definite photo op.eagles2.jpgeagles1.jpg

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2 Comments on “Matlacha?”

  1. Linda Reisch Hulley Says:

    Lena & Bruce,

    What an exciting moment to be able to photograph such incredible, stately birds! Thank you so much for sharing these amazing pictures, they are appreciated immensely. I am following y’all with great happiness. The warmer you get the better my muscles seem to feel as I read about your experiences! Sigh, summer will come here to Long Island as well.


  2. annikaairstreamadventures Says:

    We are thoroughly enjoying the blog of your travels! Nancy has been birding in that area near Sanibel……the photos are wonderful.

    We have returned to the land of some spitting snow and still freezing temperatures. AnnikaAirstream is still at the eastern shore until it gets a bit warmer. I am getting my next Camping World order ready. Bruce, we got the inline water purifier like yours….still many others items on my wish list….see what you started!!

    Looking forward to visiting with you!!


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