Matlacha Pass

Today began slowly, just hanging out in the Airstream catching up on work, some maintenance on the fresh water system and some heavy napping. Late afternoon found us on Jim and Shirl’s boat on our way to Matlacha Pass. A strange name for a body of water, but descriptive. It ‘passes’ between Pine Island and the mainland and under the Pine Island bridge in Matlacha.


It’s a very shallow body of water that produces narrow shoals of sand at low tide only accessible by a carefully driven, shallow-draft boat. The shoals are favored by white pelicans and cormorants that congregate to bathe and preen and wait for their next meal to pass by on the incoming tide. White pelicans are larger than the browns, though far less numerous, so they made an impressive sight, all lined up in a row on a narrow shoal of sand in the middle of the Pass being watched by a second row of cormorants. It was an idyllic afternoon gathering with no territorial squabbling and no sound; perfectly quiet except for the flup-flup-flup of them sluicing water over their wings.




Sprocket loved the ride, calmly sniffing the warm breeze as it ruffled his soft hair. We had beer, juice, cheese and crackers, and dog food (survival rations), and relaxed in the buttery light of the sun’s descent while returning via the canals.


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One Comment on “Matlacha Pass”

  1. Diane Gallo Says:

    Reading slowly, savoring your progress. Just home from several days on the road. Last night a snowstorm. This morning, intermittent power outages. I love the pictures – Sprocket is the poster boy for cute and the pelicans and cormorants … wow. Reading up behind you. Love, Diane

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