The Easter Egg


Today we went to Easter service at the Church of the Hidden Egg. It was a colorful service with the theme of revelation and discovery delivered by Pastor R.A. Bbit. Surprisingly, his rather distinctive stutter did nothing to diminish the impact of his profound message. He paused often, his sensitive nose quivering at the appetizing tender flowers arranged temptingly near him. Often, he’d ruminatively pause to stroke one of his long, beautiful ears (his lineage being the order of the Lop).

Stepping outside his own genetic tradition, he referred to the Egg of Creation, Hiranya Gharba, the Radiant Egg, first scriptured by the Hindu faith as the very first manifestation of form out of the formless. How interesting, he noted, that astronomers are beginning to postulate this same image at the beginning of the Universe; how wondrous it must have been in it’s unseen radiance, as it burst fourth light and Being in all directions through the great void, to create in long, luxurious chapters, the world of time and form.

He exhorted us to give thanks for all the great avatars, prophets, and messiahs arisen in our human midst that we have heard, followed, and then all too often, executed. His own kind, often erroneously branded as timid, have admired those of our kind who have courageously chosen to follow Love and Compassion through the thorns of fear, ignorance, and intolerance.He closed with an uplifting blessing that our own eggs, hidden deep within our hearts, would be filled with Love, Creativity, and Joy, and if these three things were not yet fully developed, that we would at least find centers of marshmallow, milk chocolate, or soft caramel.

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