Breaking Camp

We broke camp this morning. Tightly packing the inside of the Airstream, repacking the truck, and going through the hook-up routine. The festivities at Woody’s, plus a bit too much beer for someone, slowed the process and we finally exited the ‘Resort’ about noon.

We retraced our route back up to Tampa, and then cut over to the Gulf, to Homosassa Springs. Now, in Turtle Creek RV ‘Resort’ (Turtle Creek runs through it), we’re enjoying the shade of tall palms and pines and our corner site. It’s amazing what trees will do for a lot full of white boxes surrounded by highways. golf1.jpgAs we pulled in and set up, a group of people holding putters were clustered across from our corner and the guy escorting us to our site said that they were playing street golf. Sure enough, later on when we took a stroll, we saw small cups on the edge of the lanes with little numbered red flags. We’re on the 7th fairway. The whole place has a settled, friendly atmosphere, with lots of people walking small dogs, many people biking around, and one guy just went by on his bike, talking on his cell, with an African Grey parrot on his shoulder.


We’re off to visit a Manatee tomorrow.

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