What, more fish?

I hope this isn’t boring our readers, but we spent our last day in Pine Island fishing again. Restlessly moving from spot to spot looking for fish, but finding none, we finally went back to Jim’s secret spot at the site of a sunken something in about 15 feet of water. Theory is, the fish that hide in and under the wreck are just waiting for a shrimp-on-a-hook to float by. Sure enough, they were biting. We caught lots of too-smalls, and only two keepers, but no one complained. It was a beautiful day and just fun to be with our dear old friends in the sunlight and calm waters and the hold-on-tight ride home was a kick!





We went to Woody’s for supper, something Jim and Shirl hadn’t done for a long time, as the food was strictly microwave stuff. Now, under new management, the food was good! The crab cakes, Reuben, and fried oysters, were great, and a group, Skeeterland, with bass, guitar, banjo, wicked fiddle, and good vocals had the place jumping with traditional folk, Bluegrass and Cajun, making a farewell meal festive.We’ll miss our friends, but know that we’ll return. They’ve certainly found a great place for welcoming northerners. We even pulled out of our Pine Island ‘Resort’ with a small pang. Our bedroom view of the ‘lake’ had grown on us, and our neighbor, Julie, was so pleasant, even though we were never around long enough to get to know her. She said she’ll be back in the same spot next winter, so maybe then…

Thanks, Jim and Shirl!

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One Comment on “What, more fish?”

  1. jim parmentier Says:

    Where is the pic of the big Mackerel!!!!!!!!!! Enjoy the sun and Florida, safe journeys, Jim

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