A very full day in ‘N’awlins’

It’s after midnight, and a series of thunderstorms are rolling over us. Bruce has just saved my computer, which shut down completely this morning. We’ve been in N’awlins all day and evening and hope you won’t mind our turning in. Lots to tell, just too late to tell it, and tomorrow will probably be the same.

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2 Comments on “A very full day in ‘N’awlins’”

  1. VA Says:

    We are lovin’ reading about your journey. You could take this show “on the road.” I love the description of locations and local experiences along with the visual appeal of the photos. I check your blog every few days and enjoy reading about your adventures. Safe travels!

  2. Diane Gallo Says:

    Gilbertsville. Saturday. High noon but you can’t tell for the cold grey wallpaper on the ceiling. The post office is closed and my feet are ice cold.

    I LOVE the little entry. The haiku update. Haiku travel. Short blips on long trips. I have my feet on a heating pad. Should I write this stuff in a separate e-mail. Love, D

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