Edom, TX

For seventeen years, our friend Sherry has had a pottery studio/gallery in a little town called Edom. Its main street is lined on one side by charming little galleries featuring potters, jewelers, antiques, gifts, and, of all things, birdhouses.

Sherry is in the process of moving, so I won’t feature her spot, but she introduced us to her neighbor, Joseph Hopps, who makes the most enchanting birdhouses. She warned me not to bring my wallet, but it was moot, for these were no ordinary birdhouses, and were priced as they should be, as enduring sculptural fantasies. Arbor Castle Birdhouses (arborcastlebirdhouses.com) are made of peeled cedar logs with whimsical conical roofs of copper, glazed stoneware or steel.

They’re entirely functional, complete with little clean-out doors and elaborate, but sturdy hangers. They’re also entirely playful, with tiny birdhouse oriel towers, dormers with ladders, and funny, funky, found materials, which keep the whole look from getting too ‘cute’. They’re

very durable, and judging by an old one shown as an example, they only improve with weathering! If I owned one, I’d hang it outside for a couple years, and then only in nesting season, so I could put it in a corner of my living room to enjoy it the rest of the year as a piece of art.

We had a wonderful time with our dear friend, driving long miles to find the best Tex-Mex food three nights in a row (well, you have to get it while you can) and just enjoying time and reminiscences shared. One night, we even had a modified Thanksgiving dinner in the ePod (well, you have to have it when you can) and shared thanks for enduring friendships.

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