A Night in Clyde

Today we left dear Sherry and Edom, TX for new sights to the West. After much wrestling with the choice of route we decided to go a bit north and head out on Route I-20 instead of I-10. Eunice routed us through Texas ranch land on our way to I-20 which was a treat, with its vast spreads of woods, pastures, and typical tall iron gates to ranches, just like in the movies. Unfortunately, we couldn’t really stop to shoot any. Towing an ePod has its shortcomings.

We passed through Dallas/FortWorth, actually climbed a hill or two, haven’t done that since PA, and tonight are parked for a night at White’s RV Park in Clyde, just outside Abilene.

We’re just off I-20 so, it’s noisy, the Texas wind is a-blowin’, the guy’s hook-up next door is a-stinkin’ and we’re gonna call it an early night, hopin’ for an early getaway tomorrow.

We went to the mini-mart just across the dirt lot next to us for some groceries where we picked up a Texas Real Estate freebie handout in which we found the following irresistible gem:

Who could resist?

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