Just Eleven Miles from Santa Fe

Sometimes, the tunnel of sleep is more like a series of underpasses on a long, wakeful road. Last night, due to post-full-moon Lyme flare, or worry about Bruce’s tummy bug, I had lots of time to think and reminisce.

We were last in Santa Fe exactly forty years ago, sent by Bruce’s employer, Eliot Noyes, to set up an itinerary for Jay Maisel to photograph contemporary and Native American weavers of the southwest. IBM would be exhibiting a computerized Jacquard loom at one of its two pavilions at the 1968 San Antonio HemisFair. The back wall of the exhibit was to be filled with large, colorful photos of weaving’s traditions, while in the center of the pavilion, a behemoth Jacquard loom, adjacent to a behemoth IBM 360 mainframe computer would weave, on demand, narrow silken ribbons with jagged designs, input by visitors on a keyboard. It was the first time a computer had driven a weaving device.

We followed leads, some of which took us out on almost non-existent desert roads to a cluster of hogans, where no one except the dogs appeared to be home. With the help of folks at the Institute of American Indian Arts, we met, over soft traditional handshakes, a fine representation of Native American weavers. Also, under the wing of one helpful contemporary weaver, we visited amazing adobe homes that housed his excellent work and that of others. We got to see parts of the Albuquerque, Taos, and Santa Fe area not accessible to tourists, but at the same time, missed most of the tourist highlights. We plan to rectify that this time.

Now, we’ve been stuck here, just eleven miles from downtown Santa Fe, since our arrival on Saturday. If we can both just get well enough and get up enough energy to get out and drive to town, explore, and take some photos! The KOA RV park is nicely nestled among two-hundred-year old junipers and piñon pines and the air and light are bracing and cheering. We could be sick in far less attractive places, and in the philosophy of ‘findingourway’, we’ll try to relax and not think about time lost. As Thoreau said, “The sun shines, and the earth turns, and there is no hurry.” Happy Earth Day!

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One Comment on “Just Eleven Miles from Santa Fe”

  1. sherry Says:

    My dear friends. You are so right. If you have to be sick I can not think of many places better. May the light bathe you in its soft glow and the air fill your cells with the energy you need, and the mountains fill your soul with the peaceful acceptance of each precious moment “as is”.

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