Tehachapi Pass Wind Farm

On our last day in Tehachapi, after finishing up our laundry duties, we just had to go explore the wind farm we’d been looking at across the airport for a couple of days.

It’s incredible. Looking it up on the web we learned that over 5,000 windmills have been built in the pass since the early 1980s that generate enough electricity to power 350,000 homes. It’s the second largest wind farm in the world, and still growing, with the largest being in Livermore, CA. California overall is generating about 1% of its electricity from wind.

Public roads pass through much of the area, so it’s quite easy to get up close and personal with the turbines whether you’re coming or going. Time for more photos!

The windmills aren’t just along the ridges of the mountains, but they go miles deep in areas that would seem to be blocked by ridges and turbines in front, but nearly all were turning.

Judging by the winds that hit the AS overnight, they picked a great spot!

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