Mill Valley!

The days following our trip to Yosemite brought a heat wave to California and there was no escaping it. Our campground was in the Sierra foothills at about 1800 feet and still we had, officially 105 degrees –unofficially on the patio 115. Yes, it was a dry heat, at about 25% humidity, but hot is hot! So, for two days we hung out in the air-conditioned rig catching up on housekeeping and work with a quick escape to the Indian Casino across the valley for air-conditioning and dinner.

Sunday the heat began to break as we headed for Mill Valley, CA across the San Joaquin Valley, past the world’s largest windmill farm near Livermore, up the east side of San Francisco Bay across the Richmond Bridge at the top of the bay, to the Marin RV Park.

We’re here, at last, for a warm, joyful reunion with our Noah, Cara, and Skye, and a wonderful introduction to the newest member of the Guyot family, Quinn. They had even made a sweet welcome poster using our blog photos, with Skye enhancemants, for their front door that will be a keeper forever.

The last leg of getting here was brutal. Over-used cement slab freeways pounded us for several hours: the worst highways we’ve experienced so far! That’s not a subjective exaggeration. The load shift was so rough in the rig that our jumping mattress flipped the bedroom light switch on!

Now the ePod is stationary and has become the funny-little-silver-house to Skye and Quinn. They’re filling it with some lovely giggles and coos. Skye, at two years and four months, has grown into a graceful little girl
with merry brown eyes that can grow very grave and thoughtful when she’s thinking hard or asking a question. Soft, silky blond hair floats around her shoulders, in constant motion with her play. It’s so much fun being silly with her, as she still has an outrageous, infectious belly laugh. Sprocket is enchanted.

Quinn, at eight months, coos, hums, blows bubbles (budding teeth # 3 and #4), and seems to have cognized his own special mantra that keeps him tranquil and highly observant most of the time. In a peaceful, happy way, he wriggles, reaches, and head-butts: a muscular little dynamo who can give a holding grandparent a very good upper body workout in a surprisingly short time.

After all we’ve rhapsodized about cities, trees, and canyons, you could hardly expect us to spare you the grandparent gush, now, could you? These little people are positively breathtaking to us. Noah and Cara have settled comfortably into their splendid house, with its view of a horse-grazed hill across the valley, and a distant strand of twinkling car lights on a far highway, providing a pretty night view as well. Despite all the toys and paraphernalia for the kids, the house has absorbed everything neatly, and has an uncluttered, relaxed feeling. We’re looking forward to playing in the big enclosed yard and chalking pictures on its paved patio.

Skye took us to her preschool and introduced us to her wonderful teacher, Tina.

Yes, we’ll also ferry in to our beloved San Francisco and after the 5th of June, see Barb and Jim, Bruce’s sister
and brother-in-law, who are traveling now. I’ll also get to meet a couple dear friends from my Lyme groups who feel like family, too. A lot of happy times to squeeze into the next few weeks! And speaking of squeezing, our campsite is so tight that our awning can’t go out all the way and our door rubs against it when it’s halfway open. The campground’s best feature is its closeness to the kids–just a couple of miles from their house. Cara stopped by after Gymboree yesterday for a visit on her way back to the kids’ lunch and naps. So easy and fun for all of us! As Fred Rogers used to sing,  “It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood, a beautiful day for a neighbor, would you be mine? Would you be mine?” We’re so grateful to be in this neighborhood!

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