Some California Friends

Today we had a number of errands to run and in the process, met some lovely Califorinians. The man in the Apple store was so generous with his time, and creative in his efforts to help us with my computer problem of deteriorating keys. It was obvious that he was doing what he truly loved: helping people with something he personally believed in. A very happy man.

When we went to Boudin’s, the sourdough restaurant, the man at the counter was so genuinely enjoying taking peoples’ orders, offering extra service and exchanging such pleasant repartee, that I commented on how kind he was. He said, “Oh, I just like people! It’s a calling.” I can only imagine what ripples, fractals, and iterations his good energy spins out into his world each day. I want to be more like him.

When we went to Home Depot for a ladder Noah needed, three people were so very happy to get information, haul off a ladder to be priced, return to help us figure out which was which and even wait while we called Noah for his input. As we carted our choice to the front of the store, one of the men, Alan, strolled along with us and asked where we were from. When we told him, adding that we were presently nearby in an Airstream, he said that he’s on a live-aboard sailboat in Sausalito. We chatted about travel, and lifestyles. He’d been born in South Africa, had gone to Australia for a while to wait for a visa here, which came at last, 12 years later! He was the first person to ask us what our favorite stop on our journey was, because eventually he’d like to have a piece of land somewhere. We swapped stories about great places, in the Home Depot aisle, with a small glow surrounding the three of us very like a traveler’s shared campfire.

Before coming home, we stopped for juice and granola at the Safeway. The man checking us out told me what great granola I’d chosen, that he loved it with fresh raspberries (talking like a confirmed foodie). When we told him the Airstream fridge was already too full for some good yogurt he recommended, he asked about our journey and told us that his day job is being a Mill Valley police officer (of 25 years), and that he could sure tell us some stories. I said he should write them, as he had such a way with words (I’d practically tasted those raspberries). I gave him our blog address, saying we’d love to hear from him. He gave us his email and phone #, telling us to call him if we need anything at all while we’re here. We all shook our hands and I gave him a hug. Nice meeting you, Darrell!

Whoever said that strangers are just friends you haven’t met yet was absolutely right. And FindingOurWay has found us some lovely moments with them!

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