Update from the ePod

We’re still here in the Marin RV Park!
So many things kept extending our stay, and they’ve all been so much fun!

I’ve written a hefty backlog of blogs, but Bruce has been busy with clients, and the graphic/photo side of the blogging is set up in his computer.

To add to the drama, three times in the last week his computer inexplicably went into scary Mondrian-like patterns where he couldn’t do anything with it. Then, it fixed itself, also without our understanding of why. We gingerly carried it into the Corte Madera Apple Store when it was looking wonky, so the genius at the genius bar could see. He said it must be a bad chip and it should be sent to Texas for repair.

We’ve decided to catch up as best we can with work and blogs today and send it off to Texas for repair tomorrow. We’re hoping to have it returned to the Apple Store in Salt lake City, for about when we arrive there. (6-7 days) We must get it stable again! The next time it happens, it might not fix itself, and we could be hundreds of miles away from any Apple Stores.

We almost decided to stay for the send-out and return here, but could only book for space here until Friday morning, June 27. Sad, because Quinn really is going to take his first step any day now, and we’re having such fun with him and Skye, as well as Noah and Cara. Glad, because the forest fires are beginning to haze this area in Larkspur with smoke, giving us tight chests and coughs. This is the worst fire season in CA in a long time, and the season usually doesn’t start until much later in the summer, so people are understandably nervous.

We also have to get home sometime, to get some necessities done and reunite with all the friends we’ve been missing. So, we’ll put Willie Nelson’s ‘On the Road Again’ in the truck’s player and head northeast to Truckee on Friday. Hope it’ll be a bit cooler at its higher elevation (near Donner Pass) and not burning.

Thanks for your patience, folks!

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