On to Salt Lake City

We spent an uneventful evening at the Double Dice, didn’t even unhook the Airstream, and pressed on to Salt Lake City the next day.

Léna was no better, sporting a fever now, but she took her cold medicines, sat herself in the truck and we pressed on to Salt Lake. I figured if she got worse, better to be in a large city for medical help if we needed it. Fortunately, Route 80 through Nevada was a very smooth road through some visually interesting country including the Bonneville Salt Flats. (I hope you like road photos!)

We arrived safely at the Salt Lake City KOA on June 30, checked in for a few days, and slept. By that time the bug had me too, but not as bad. It wasn’t until July 3 that we ventured out to the Albertsons Grocery–it was about all we could handle.

In addition to our bodies and the computer breaking down, the all-important valve I use to empty the black tank had developed a sometimes yes, sometimes no, leak and I knew I would have to do something about it soon. Now, when you’re on the road, getting something repaired on the Airstream is always a logistical nightmare because you have to drag your whole house to the repair shop at the appointed hour.

But, in FindingOurWay fashion, I just happened to be in the KOA office when a tall fellow with a straw hat came in to leave some some flyers for “Mr. Mobile RV Repairs”. He left before I could put two and two together and I kicked myself as I walked back to our site. Along the way “Mr. Mobile” and I crossed paths a couple of times as he searched for his customer’s site in his van. Finally I said to myself, this is dumb, stop him! I did, asked if he was looking for work, he checked out my problem and fixed it, plus a second refrigerator recall problem I didn’t even know I had, while he waited for his real customer to return.

Unfortunately, by Monday the problem had returned, so I called him, he came back and replaced a second part that was the primary cause of the problem. Things are drip free! Woops, I shouldn’t have said that.

July 4th we were feeling better and went to dinner at McGrath’s Fish House, came back to the rig, Léna went to bed and Sprocket and I stood outside the Mexican Café next to the KOA and watched the official fireworks a couple of miles away. Fireworks are legal in Utah, they were even for sale in Albertson’s parking lot, so we heard them going off for hours all around the neighborhood.

It was too much excitement, so Saturday we stayed around the rig most of the day and my repaired laptop arrived via Noah and FEDEX. Thanks again, Noah! Apparently Apple replaced the motherboard (under warrantee) and it’s working great now. Woops, there I go again!

Late afternoon we decided to press our luck and mount an expedition to Ikea. I hated driving to the one in Emeryville, CA in the truck (confusing and tight parking) and had promised Léna we would absolutely find the one in Salt Lake City. We returned one item, purchased a number of others and of course walked away spending more than we got for the return. Oh well, the meatballs were good.

I got caught up on work and Sunday we got our first real look at Salt Lake City which will be the subject of some future blogs.

Tonight is the first time I have the computer back and have the energy to process the blog photos. I’ve even added some to the previous blog “Smoke, Smoke, and Rough, Rough Roads” and will work on getting caught up on some missing San Francisco blogs. Stay tuned!

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