A Visit to the Terra Port

One of the stops we’d planned on the homeward-bound leg of our adventure was to stop in Jackson Center, Ohio to tour the Airstream factory where our ePod was made and to have some much needed service done.

Airstream has set up a very convenient campground right next to the factory which they call the Terra Port. It’s a unique layout for a campground – 3 circles each with parking for six or so Airstreams with full hook-ups. Some owners park there because they’re stopping by for the factory tour, just visiting, or having their trailer serviced.

If you’re there for service, it’s quite an interesting experience. The day before your service appointment, you arrive at the Terra Port, unhook your trailer, hook-up water and electric, and spend the night as in any campground. Then at seven in the morning you hear a tractor approaching your site, they hook up your house to the tractor, take it away to the repair facility and you’re on your own for the day. If they need more than a day (which they did in our case), they tow your trailer back to your site at quitting time, you spend the night in it, and they come by at seven in the morning and tow it away again.

The one downside is the location of Jackson Center in the middle of cornfields miles from any place worthy of a visit. To compensate, they do provide a very nice waiting area to help you while away the hours. They even allow dogs! Sprocket had a good time with some kids and had a soft couch to curl up on. It’s a fairly good place to get some computer work done except for the TV’s and computer games in the background. They also offer a terrific factory tour (unfortunately they don’t allow cameras).

We had our wheel bearings repacked, brakes adjusted, 2 leaky skylights replaced, vents caulked, some interior trim issues resolved and the compartment over our bed reattached after it broke loose. Found out from our neighbors in the Terra Port that this is a problem with many of the International CCD’s including theirs.

It’s the best repair experience I’ve ever had. The Airstream people are easy to work with, we met some really nice fellow Airstreamers in the Terra Port, and had good breakfasts at the Hobo restaurant next to the factory and a good dinner at The Verandah restaurant with a fellow Terra Porter.

We left Jackson Center this morning and are spending the night in Conneaut, Ohio tonight. We’ll actually be in New York State tomorrow!

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