On the Road Again!

When we last blogged, we were winding down from our 2008 trip. It had started out as a three month, cross-country adventure, and ended up three days short of six months! Our ‘mission’, after a lifetime of deadlines, was to follow our own instincts and impulses, remaining open to serendipity, learning to relinquish some control, with the idea that often, the best events are the unforeseen, the most memorable experiences those we’d never even anticipated.

We learned a lot on that trip. One of the most important things was that blogging deepens travel; we asked more questions and sought more background info, knowing that we’d be sharing with friends who were armchair-traveling with us. What we didn’t realize was that we were also recording for ourselves. It’s shocking how much of a six-month collection of adventures can slip from memory! Now, we’re glad we caught so much with words and camera, even though some nights, writing almost felt like a deadline again.

Anyway, we’re on the road again! On Monday morning, quarter of a mile down Goose St., we’d played Willie Nelson’s ‘On the Road Again’, our tradition for filling the truck with the right setting-out attitude. As usual, we were pretty weary from prepping, packing, buttoning down the ePod, (short for ‘escape pod’), our 28’Airstream Trailer. Sprocket (the Maltese) settled with a contented sigh in his little seat behind Bruce, our driver, who remembered to extend the side mirrors, and Léna positioned the Garmin (AKA Garmina) on the dash. After Willie’s song, Sirius radio would inform and amuse the coming drive.

Heavy, sagging cloud cover muted the NY November landscape, making the five-hour drive seem twilit. Crows and Canada geese foraged in the corn-stubbled fields, hunters passed with limp, dead bucks tied to their trucks, cows grazed in the still-green meadows, but the landscape felt as tired as we did.

When Garmina indicated our ETA as one more hour away from the Lickdale campground in Jonestown, PA, the non-existent sun had truly set and our eyes and spirits were dim. Then, magically, Garmina was telling us to turn into the Campground! Much to our relief, Garmina was still on daylight savings time, which was good because we simply didn’t have another hour in us!

Rainy Night at the Lickdale Campground

It rained hard in the night and all day Tuesday, drumming hard on our ‘tin can’. Mercifully, the next leg to Cherry Hill Campground in College Park, MD, was only three hours, because it was interstate traffic, in heavy rain, with tractor-trailer trucks creating a fog of thick mist, and the traffic getting more congested as we approached the D.C. area.

The large, well-appointed campground was such a welcome sight! When we registered, a delightful work-camper couple named Sunny and Wally invited us to the second annual Cherry Hill Campground Thanksgiving dinner in the conference center. The campground will provide the turkeys and ham, and guests will bring desserts and sides.

To misquote the old lyrics, ‘If you can’t dine with the ones you love, dine with the ones you’re with.’ This feels like the original Thanksgiving: travel-weary folks feasting with the kindness of strangers. We’ll bring our traditional cranberry-banana bread. Happy Thanksgiving everyone: to family and friends and friends we haven’t met yet!

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One Comment on “On the Road Again!”

  1. cara Says:

    Happy Thanksgiving! I am so happy you found some people to feast with and share your cranana bread!


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