The National Gallery of Art

Saturday, we took the Metro into the neighborhood of the National gallery and spent the entire day in the I.M. Pei wing, amongst Warhol’s Headlines, Calder’s timeless floating forms, dear old impressionist favorites like Manet, Monet, Pisarro, and the moderns: like Giacometti, Cornell, Jasper Johns, Pollock, Close, along with nine wonderful slate domes with perfect round holes in their tops by Goldsworthy.

Warhol Exhibit and the Atrium


Alexander Calder Mobiles

The Atrium from above



East - West Wing Connector

Utterly satisfying–and exhausting. Museum marathoning requires training, and we’re not in shape, so we got museum legs and almost closed before the museum did!  With the National Gallery West, the Natural History, and all the Smithsonian museums, the Newseum, the Holocaust Museum, we’ve got our ‘work’ cut out for us! We also want to catch Congress, the National Archives, and revisit some of the memorials by day.

We stopped at Ikea ( less than a mile from then campground ) on the way home to return a lovely stainless steel toilet seat that would have looked splendid in the Airstream, (except it didn’t fit). Too pooped to cook, we ended up having their classic meatball combo in the café while watching all the Thanksgiving-united families and very wound-up children. We picked up some Swedish groceries and came home to our little Sprocket, who was well-rested and glad to see us.

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