Into the Belly of the Beast

The Capitol

We didn’t make it in High School, but better late than never.

Visitor's Center

A visit to Congress these days is via the huge 650+ million dollar marble and stone underground Visitor’s Center. As with all public buildings in Washington, security is very tight, but not terribly intrusive.

We had made a tour appointment online for 2:00 and when we arrived early, they asked if we’d like to join a tour just about to leave–no waiting. The first part of the tour includes the Rotunda, the Original entrance to Congress, Statuary Hall and the “Crypt”.

Ceiling of the Rotunda

Frieze circling the Rotunda

Statuary Hall and Entrance to the Rotunda

The basement "Crypt" where George Washington was to be buried, but wasn't.

These areas we could photograph, the second part took us to the Senate and House Galleries (so grateful to Senator Schumer) which did not allow photographs. In fact, we had to check our camera and cell phone.

Both the Senate and House were in session and we were able to watch John Conyers, and Diane Feinstein in debates in their respective bodies.

The House seemed quite rowdy and Senate relatively sedate by comparison. It all looks quite different and more intimate from what we see on TV.

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