The Hart Senate Office Building

We wanted to tour the Capitol building. The tour includes the Rotunda and other areas of the building, but if you want to visit the Senate and House Galleries, and see our esteemed Senators and Representatives at work, you must visit one of their offices to get passes. We chose to ask Senator Schumer and after a phone call and e-mail contact we were able to visit his office the next day for the passes. His office is in the Hart Senate Office Building across the street from the Capitol.

Hart Senate Office Building

I guess the idea is to make us feel indebted to him come election day. Politicians sure know all the angles.

Anyway, the Hart Building held a surprise for us. In the atrium stood a huge Calder sculpture called Mountains and Clouds.

The Atrium and Calder's Sculpture

Apparently it was his last piece. After approving the maquette in the atrium, he went back to NYC where he died the next day. The piece was constructed after his death by the same craftsmen that he had worked with over the years. Truly a grand piece!

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