Skidaway Island State Park

The Skidaway Island contains a beautiful Georgia State Park where we camped while visiting Savannah.

Our Campsite

Oak Leaf Field

Roads through the live oak

Palmetto, gum, yellow pine, and live oaks with Spanish moss surround our site. The sunlight filters down in muted shafts, lighting up the peculiarly delicate threads that curl out from the palmetto pleated leaves, and the sage-green curlicues of moss strands.

Curlicues and filtered sunlight

Actually, I learned today that Spanish moss isn’t moss at all, but a bromeliad, like pineapples. It lives off moisture and airborne dirt and supposedly doesn’t hurt its host trees, except that we’ve seen some trees that have been quite overwhelmed.

More curlicues

It’s grey and filmy and sort of funereal, like frowsy grey feathers that have drooped in the rain, but when the sunlight hits it, it becomes celestial, and it sways so gracefully in the breeze. Also, ‘live oaks’ are called such because their new leaves simply push out old, dead ones so the tree remains ‘live-looking’ throughout the year.

Squirrel paradise



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2 Comments on “Skidaway Island State Park”

  1. cara Says:

    This looks so peaceful and relaxing.

    • findingourway Says:

      Cara, thanks for the comment. Yes, it’s a very peaceful spot at this time of year. I imagine it’s not so peaceful during the height of the vacation season!

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