Savannah You-All

From SCAD we went next door to the Savannah Visitors Center, had some lunch and boarded a tour trolley. What are the odds? Of all the trolleys and all the drivers, our trolley driver was Cindy, the same driver we had so much fun with in 2008!

Cindy's Trolley

In 2008, we’d signed on for an on-and-off Old Town Trolley tour of Savannah, a good way to get an overview of what we’d like to return to see in depth. The first driver was a nice young guy with a comedy routine. His spiel was amusing, some if it, but not all that informative. After getting off to have lunch and mosey around, we had the good fortune of getting on the trolley that Cindy drove. Her Sah-vay-uh-nah accent was as strong and captivating as the thousands of live oaks that shaded our way, and the charm just hung on her words like Spanish moss. We were captivated. She’d whip that boxy vehicle around tight corners, missing touring pedestrians and not miss a beat of her in-depth history and folk-tales of Savannah.

Problem was, I knew we wouldn’t be climbing off any stops and risk losing her musical talk. I told her we’d enjoyed her tales from three years back, her stories of accompanying her daddy on his pest-control business in the hundreds of tunnels from the river, beneath the city, and she was pleased to be remembered. She loved questions, and tailored her rambles to greater depths and great asides. Someone should make a CD of this lady’s stories: one of the truly gifted story-tellers for which the South is famous. Why, I could almost feel the lazy arc of porch rocker beneath my…

We were enjoying her so much, we stayed on for the whole run.

Sorry the captions are missing. Cindy had a great story about the history of all the above, but we can’t remember which is which! We do know the last photo is Santa in the City Market.

Savannah is an extraordinary city with 24 squares and many additional parks all with rich plantings, sculptures and fountains. It has managed, better than most cities with a rich history, to preserve its heritage without it being overrun with the needs of the visitor (AKA tourist).

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