A Campground Christmas Eve

Tonight, after a delightful visit with friends, and later, our sometimes tradition of a Scandinavian supper, we walked around the campground  in the soft, Florida night. The park is full of gnarled, sheltering sea-oaks and palmettos that create lovely private little bowers for each campsite. It was fun seeing the various campsites with their Christmas lights, sniffing the smells of baking, lots of steaks grilling, glimpsing stars coming out. Then we went across the road to see the ocean. The high-tide waves rolled in glowing rows, their foam spot-lit by the nearby ‘Reef’ restaurant. The breath of the sea blew lightly, warm/cool, and on the way back we heard crickets and tree toads. Nice.

Having cleared our day-to-day clutter for today’s company, the Airstream looks festive and serene, ready for a mellow Christmas Eve. Our stockings are hung on the bathroom door, we left our hearth at home, but we have a small white dog doing an excellent impression of a hearth-rug, and we’re savoring ice-cream and zimtsterne (German star cookies) and half-listening to Jean Shepherd’s ‘Christmas Story’.

Tomorrow, the ePod will be filled with the smell of our rutabaga/sweet-potato casserole, as that will be our contribution to a pot-luck Christmas feast at three o’clock. Later, we’ll walk our dinner off on the beach again and if the sun is out, catch the sunset on the intercoastal waterway. We’ll miss our friends and beloveds, but hope all have a joyful, peaceful, happy day.

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One Comment on “A Campground Christmas Eve”

  1. Shirl Parmentier Says:

    Hi Bruce and Lena,
    Due to computer problems I’m just getting your card and message now. Merry Christmas! Love the flamingos! Was that the foil project from years back? Are you coming down this way? We’re free for new years and then start shows. Love to you both. Shirl and Jim

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