A St. Augustine Christmas

We’d invited Jim and Donna to come by the ePod for a visit. Jim is the moderator for our Lyme and Rife Yahoo group, and though I’ve known him for about five years, we’ve never actually met.  They came down from Jacksonville on Christmas Eve day and we had a lovely visit. Donna is one of those rare people who has actually been cured of acute Lyme and it was only while she was undergoing her treatments that Jim’s chronic (and thus more problematic) Lyme disease was finally diagnosed.

We’ve come through a lot, Jim and me, and I realize now that I couldn’t have made it without Bruce’s help, nor he without Donna’s. We’re very lucky to be doing as well as we are. Despite having some pretty woeful things in common, we had fun talking about lots of other happy things, and thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon. Donna’s banana bread became a wonderful road treat when we left St. Auggie for Tallahassee.

Christmas Day, we gathered for a well-attended potluck feast and met some lovely folks who actually live near St. Augustine. Denyce and Jeff camped here for a Christmas rendezvous with Jeff’s brother and mother, and later that evening, they came over to visit us in the ePod. Sprocket was smitten with both of them and we enjoyed hanging out, sharing travel adventures and life stories. They invited us to park at their place on our way to Tallahassee, but we’d already made reservations. That would have been fun. We’ll stay in touch!

Christmas pot-luck

Funny, as much as we three love our little escape pod, the presence of company greatly enhances its glow.

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