Where’d everyone go? Was it something we said?

We watched so many Airstreams go by today, headed on down the road now that the official Canopener is over.

Bruce was trying to fix an electrical problem on my bike. I was useless, at loose ends, I thought of the happy Thursday night wine-tasting and pre-party that had opened the Canopener, and decided to wander over to that site to get a couple bottles of some quite lovely peach wine before they too hit the road. Peach wine–just the thing for some rainy night down the road.

I met a fellow Aluminata walking her dog. She yawned a big yawn in the sunlight and we both laughed at how the lazy warmth of the day, good company, and good food has tired us all out.

All gone.

Carefully cradling a tote of wine bottles, and a cold bottle of Frappuccino from the camp store, I followed the circle that had been the open-house tour: now so many empty spaces. Enough Airstreams remained to comfort, but tomorrow, most will be gone. Sigh. Good times are ephemeral, but the road goes ever on: to new places, faces, stories, and with luck, paths will cross again.

Tonight we dined in the ‘Bus’, the big Ace motor-home of our new-found friends Lynne and Ray. We shared margaritas, fajitas, and life/travel stories.

After dinner, Bruce and Ray biked down to the beach to try full-moon-light photography, and Lynne and I talked about family and books while clearing, washing and drying the dishes (we both miss our dish-washers). Then accompanied by Freckles, their sweet English Setter, Lynne walked me part way back to the ePod beneath the moon. A happy way to end this day.

Moonlit Beach

Monday began with rain but cleared before most of the remaining Airstreams pulled out. The loss of these funny, classic, wonderful trailers and their equally delightful occupants was mitigated by the spaces they left to the natural beauty of this park.

Tram to the beach

Ray came by to see Bruce’s photos of the previous night, and then Bruce and I took the tram to the beach, meeting still more great people on the way. I’d just settled into a beach-chair with E.L. Dotorow’s ‘Ragtime’, when a hand touched my shoulder, and it was Kay, saying, ‘There are dolphins!’.


Dolphin leap

We stood and watched their splashes in the sunlit emerald waves and talked of Life, the Universe, and Everything, while down the beach, Bruce caught an image of one in mid-leap.

As we climbed on the last, 4:00 tram, Ray arrived on his bike for some more photography. Maybe he got a sunset.  The deceptive simplicity of this beach offers an infinite number of pictures to the seeking eye.

This is such a marvelous place we’ve decided to stay until Sunday.

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4 Comments on “Where’d everyone go? Was it something we said?”

  1. Cara Says:

    It sounds blissfull. Perhaps we could meet you there one day!

  2. findingourway Says:

    We’re available this week.

  3. sherry Says:

    oh the beach, any beach, anywhere…………………….

  4. Jodie Says:

    Absolutely beautiful! The water and beaches are breath taking! Thanks, Lena

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