The Elephant in the ePod

Léna writing:

Living in an RV requires lots of small extra steps to get through the day; like removing spare cooking pots from the microwave before using it, or pulling all of the plastic bins out of the closet to get to the warm sweater in the bottom bin. (There are only 3 drawers in the entire ePod.) The first few weeks on the road can be taxing until all these little extra routines shake down and become automatic. After that, the carefully memorized locations of things can be easily sabotaged if things are put back hurriedly, anywhere they’ll fit. Then it’s anyone’s guess where the can opener’s gone, or the biking gloves.

The great thing about our ePod is that it has so many nooks and crannies for stashing stuff. The awful thing about the ePod is that once stashed, or mis-stashed, an object can remain hidden for months at a time. At present, my little point-and-shoot ELPH camera has been hiding since Washington, D.C.!

My living with chronic Lyme disease, in an Airstream, on the road, is a whole second, tiring tier of routines: one that could prostrate even a healthy person at times. But to a Lymie, riding the roller-coaster of this complex disease, it can bring a melt-down of frustration and exhaustion at times. My favorite mug says, ‘Pretending to be normal day after day is exhausting.’ So I’ll drop the pretense and share from time to time.

I know some folks in my online Lyme groups are following our travels and these people are dear to me. Many are too ill for travel, and some are recovering enough to wonder how on earth it might be done. So here goes! Between lots of ‘normal’ travel adventures, I’ll write blog entries that delve into the litany of Lyme routines that are a large part of one Lymie’s life on the road.

For those lucky non-Lymie readers out there, I hope you’ll bear with me. The occasional “Elephant” blog entries to come aren’t really travelogue material, but they’re part of my journey.

Stay tuned.

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