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Well! That wasn’t very nice: whining about filling pill trays and then leaving y’all hanging. We hear a lot of ‘y’all’s here at the Rainbow Plantation in Summerdale, AL and it’s beginning to feel quite natural. We’ve been busy. Bruce has had some client work, I’ve been engaged in the learning curve of my new Nikon S8200 camera (never did find my Canon), and we’ve been going off to the beach on good-weather days. The time-nibbling of real life goes on as well. Fresh veggies, ripe bananas for breakfast, yogurt, and milk for making kefir mean frequent runs to a market. RV fridges just aren’t that large. We had the mini saga of replacing a broken roller shade, (measure twice; Home Depot staff-cut once, wrong, measure twice and instruct staff about Airstream anatomy, cut again, only to discover, back at the ePod, that the white of the shade was the backside; the front was the color of aged cheese! We searched for a compact on-the-road printer for photos (stores displayed them but had none in stock). We finally found our second choice at BestBuy. The nearby natural food store wouldn’t have the empty ‘00’ gelatin caps I needed until the next day, so another return trip. Lots of small problems, requiring small quests that kept us busy. In blogging, which comes first: the text or the pictures? Sometimes there’s some text, waiting for a defining photo, and sometimes there’s a back-log of photos, with writing in the mind but not in the laptop. And paperless writing makes it hard to say that Sprocket ate our homework. OK, enough excuses, we apologize.

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One Comment on “Back to the blog.”

  1. MJ Says:

    After reading your blog I found this bit of information and thought of you instantly. I hope you find something GOOD in it for your Lyme Disease.

    Why is Lyme Disease Not JUST a Tick-Borne Disease Any More?

    Discover new ways you can get Lyme disease, how to skirt the notoriously tricky diagnostic process, the bizarre ways it manifests itself (insomnia, MS, and more…). Plus, the 5-step protocol for treating it without antibiotics, and the toxic exposure you MUST avoid…

    Have a great time out there on the road!

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