Talk about Music and Food and Fun!

We left N’Awlins and headed south to Cajun Country.

First stop, Morgan City, LA with a plan to work our way from town to town moving from one campground to the next along Rt.90. Morgan City, has a Shrimp and Petroleum Festival and the town’s symbol is a giant shrimp curled around an oil well tower. Sounds awful, doesn’t it? But no one here sees the irony. While petroleum is the big industry in this area, shrimping and Cajun food are the better part.

This is 'Charlie'

The drill rig and a drill bit.

We took a really fascinating tour of ‘Mr.Charlie’, the first floating coastal oil drill rig, built in1954. It was revolutionary in its day; it could be moved from spot to spot, thus allowing it to be reused and not disassembled after each well was drilled. It’s now used for training Diamond Offshore rig personnel.

Great Lunch

For a late lunch, our guide suggested Rita Mae’s Kitchen, a small, homey restaurant famous for its seafood. We ordered the seafood combo, and it was a fried masterpiece (now we know what all the fuss is about). Utterly full, we got a slice of sweet potato pie and pecan pie to go: a once-in-a-lifetime orgy of Southern food. I do not know how these folks stay healthy, but they sure enjoy their food.

Lake End RV Park

The RV park is at the end of a lake, graced with lush green oaks, cypress, and pines, frequented by hundreds of grackles and Rvers who love to fish. Cormorants and pelicans do too, and fill one picturesque snag cypress not far from shore.

On to New Iberia…

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