Heard about this accordion maker…

Martin Accordions are handmade in Scott. We called about a tour, and timed it right to be included in a group tour already booked. Several generations of the Martin family have been making their accordions by hand in this small workshop. These aren’t the big, piano-key accordions associated with Lawence Welk and Oktoberfests, but rather the smaller ‘button-boxes’ that produce a rich and lively Cajun sound that’s almost irresistible to healthy feet.

We were treated to a lecture/jam session with three Martins spanning three generations. We learned much about the whole family of accordions, originally called melodeons, and the differences between Cajun (French Acadian story-songs in 3/4 or 4/4 time) and Zydeco (more black/jazz style with simple, repetitive lyrics and a wild, compelling 2-step beat) Both of these styles are still evolving and Joel Martin, a young master of the accordion, said that there’s also now a style known as Zydecajun. BTW, he’s played at Café Des Amis and explained that most musicians appearing there simply don’t go to bed the night before.

This music runs up your spine and cleans the cobwebs out, and would be great for cleaning house, or any situation where you need to tap into your high energy. It takes possession of your feet and spirit, utterly.

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