Merry Christmas!

We’d planned on following the ‘Christmas Story’ movie’s tradition of dining at a good Chinese restaurant that we knew would be open. The steady rain and humidity in the Airstream just didn’t encourage a home-roasted bird. Leaving Sprocket some treats, we drove empty streets to an almost empty Metro parking lot, and got off at GalleryPl/Chinatown into a light rain._BRG7930
The now-dispersed block of white craft-booths made us a bit unsure which way to trace our steps back to the Chinese Express. Turning right, instead of left at the corner, we discovered that Legal Seafood was open: a bit more festive and fitting for the day! No reservation needed! A charming server named Kenneth, from Georgia, told us that Marietta would be a fine place to visit. He’d not been to Savannah, so we encouraged him to check that out, in return. Enjoying lovely fresh seafood and a good Pinot Grigio, we’d once again ‘foundourway’, trusting the delightful provision of chance over planning.IMG_0427

The rain had stopped when we got back to the station, but the air as fraught with moisture as was possible without actually falling, so we returned ‘home’ to our little Maltese friend, had a lovely chat with Josh in Maine, and then relaxed and puttered the gray afternoon away. Now the rain is banging down tirelessly, the dog is snoring, and in a while, when we feel the beginning of an appetite again, we’ll snack on some special liverwurst, cheeses, wine, and for dessert, Andrée’s special Collin St Christmas cake. I’d made some small loaves for family, but none for ourselves, so her present was much appreciated and will be perfect for this
Christmas evening.

We hope you and yours are having a great day!_BRG7923-2


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