Hot and cold.

Wednesday, January 13

Back to the dentist. On the first visit, the pano xray had found three teeth sporting dark areas of abscess. This second consultation resulted in both dentists recommending two extractions and a root canal and schedules were set up. Looks like we’ll be in Myrtle Beach a bit longer!

Saturday, January 16


Our first sitting on the beach-warm day of the trip–and we did. Chairs, drinks, the susurrus of waves, sand, gulls, (thanks to a big bag of pretzels), happy dog, and horses! Later after dinner, too late in the evening, we struggled to wrangle fragments of blogs that were either misplaced during computer problems misfiled by Léna, whose clerical skills are negligible. Bruce began the challenge of matching downloaded photos to what texts we could find.

Sunday, January 17


Cold and rainy this morning. A trickle of RVs have come in for the long weekend, and I can only imagine the din in the games arcade where rain has driven the families with children. It was good throw-away day to make a run to CVS, then pick up a couple necessities at Old Time Pottery, a vast fluorescent warehouse full of summer-time kitsch as well as a few good functional items for those who really search. Almost no pottery here, but if you need a welcome sign with three surf-boards leaning against a fence, you’re covered!

Home to cashew-carrot soup with gourmet liverwurst and crackers: then serious bloggery, TED talks on the radio, and a pleasant feeling of well-being with the heat on.






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