Wednesday, January 6

Decided to go to Best Buy to return the blue-tooth headset and a Netgear WiFi signal booster, both of which were a disappointment. That done, we quizzed the guy selling Apple gear about the strange goings on with (Bruce’s) computer. He didn’t have an answer, but gave us the name of an authorized Mac fixit place. We did buy another brand of bluetooth headsets to try (third time a charm?).

The CityMac store had just what we needed: techies who spoke Mac. Left the computer for them to test.

On the way home we stopped at the Burroughs-Chapin Museum, which had impressed us during our last visit. They had a show of Frank Lloyd Wright drawings and a fascinating show called “Rice”. Paintings and drawings by Jonathan Green depicted the growing of rice in Pre-and Post-Civil War South Carolina. His personal lineage in the Gullah culture of the area blends historical detail with his own vivid childhood recollections of the people in his community who worked the rice fields, made beautiful, utilitarian sweet-grass baskets, and deeply respected the surrounding forest resources as well. Cameras were not allowed, but some of his work can be found through

A quick stop at Food Lion for a chicken to pressure cook, then home.

Received a call from the Mac techies with bad and good news. The problem was a bad graphics card (expensive), it’s part of an Apple recall (good news). Might have it back by Monday.

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